How to Keep Yourself Switched On (even as a baby-mumma)

How to Keep Yourself Switched On (even as a baby-mumma)

Yesterday I was talking to another mum of a young baby. I mentioned something and then suddenly feared that I had told her the same thing the last time we met. ‘Was it you I was telling about this the other day?’ I asked tentatively. ‘Wasn’t me’, she said.

I went on to tell her about the way that I used to have interesting things to say almost every day. And I mean different and new things. It wasn’t two weeks of talking about the same thing. However now, with my days filled with nappy changes, feeding, meal times and all the rest, I barely get to shower, let alone find interesting things to talk about. She understood exactly what I was saying and we laughed about it together.

In another conversation, a friend was telling me all about this amazing book she is reading and how inspiring it is. I suddenly was gripped with a moment of passion and inspiration and it reminded me how alive that makes me feel. I LOVE getting excited about things. Without that excitement and passion, especially in conversation, I feel disconnected and less real, less in love with life.

So here is the challenge, how do you keep your inspiration flowing? How do we stay switched on?

I sense the answer is simpler than we think. A little daily inspirational email here (but you have to read them, not bin them), a bit of a walk in the sunshine there… and whammo, instant excitement. If you get to read a whole book, well more power to you. I’m not in that position at the moment, but let me know if you find a good one and I’ll try to squeeze a few pages in here or there. At the moment I am relying on the generosity of friends with their information to keep me connected. And hopefully, it is working. Maybe you can share this with a friend who needs a kickstart in the wake-up department? In the kindest most loving way of course.

Oh, and don’t forget breakfast, that seems to help a lot too!


Alena Turley is an Australian community builder, podcaster and martial artist. Founder of pioneering blog, the Soul Mama Hub, her new membership is the Soul Mama Academy it offers a way for mothers to become intentional custodians of their bodies, their families, and the planet with the support of a world class community.

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