Episode 12 : Rochelle Leivenzon

Episode 12 : Rochelle Leivenzon

In this very special episode, I talk to an old friend and all-’round wonderful woman, Rochelle Leivenzon. We have a wide-ranging conversation touching on our essential need for connection, how women might stay sane through parenthood, and how we might even find a deeper purpose through it all.

Rochelle is a registered and endorsed midwife and IBLCE Lactation Consultant. Her passion is for the postnatal period and preparing and supporting women and families for the reality of having a baby and adjusting to the demands of life as new parents. As a mother of 4 children (including twins), she combines decades of personal and professional experience to offer support for women and families into, and through the sacred fourth trimester. Offering individualised, early parenting and breastfeeding education while pregnant and personalised postnatal support and lactation services. Rochelle also facilitates the sharing of experiences through mothers groups and offers new parents a safe and nurturing space to face and share the challenges and rewards early parenting brings.


alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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