International Women’s Day 2021 #choosetochallenge

International Women’s Day 2021 #choosetochallenge

How Do You Choose to Challenge?

By training for a Black Belt, I choose to challenge that to train like a girl means to train any less hard and fast.

By being a proud and strong woman, still being honest with my emotions and vulnerabilities, I choose to challenge the idea that women are the ‘weaker sex’.

By wearing whatever I like, whenever I like, I choose to challenge that another person’s sexual predation is my responsibility.

By conceiving and birthing naturally, I choose to challenge that the only way to feel strong whilst birthing is by voluntary or unnecessary medicalisation.

By letting my hair turn grey without dyeing it I choose to challenge the idea that we must hide our ageing process to remain beautiful.

By using my voice to champion the rights of ALL people I choose to challenge that we are powerless against injustice.

By speaking softly in the face of challenge and adversity I choose to challenge the idea that kindness is the same as weakness.

By remaining feminine and walking in my beauty and power I choose to challenge the idea that we must be more masculine in order to be more powerful.

By collaborating with and supporting other women, I choose to challenge the idea that competition is the only way to succeed.

By raising boys to be emotional, nurturing, and authentically themselves I am choosing to challenge prevailing gender stereotypes.

By ensuring my marriage is one of equality in which both the physical and mental loads are shared, I am challenging traditional spousal roles.

By refusing to wear pink I am choosing to challenge society’s expectations of me (not that there’s anything wrong that pink, it’s personal!).

By raising my daughter to be strong, both physically and emotionally, I am preparing her to challenge the world too.

My Hope for You

I hope you are able to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 in a way that is meaningful to you. Many years ago, I would have been proud of myself for getting out of bed, looking for work, and staying away from abusive men and harmful substances.

We all have our paths to walk. May yours be full of grace, health and happiness.

Enjoy a Body Positive playlist for girls on Spotify here.

Thrilled to be included in a campaign by Givvable for IWD this year.


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