Make Your Own Low-Tox Portable Wet Wipes | Switch It Up Series

Make Your Own Low-Tox Portable Wet Wipes | Switch It Up Series

What a cringe-worthy moment, you pull out the last wipe and throw yet another plastic packet with a hard plastic dispenser lid in the bin.

Or even worse, you buy the cheap wipes because you’re out and that’s all there is at the nearest chemist, or its all you can afford… and they stink of fake fragrance. So much so, you don’t even want to use it on your baby’s bum!

Ah, the joys of aware motherhood. There has to be another way, you say to yourself. And what do you know… there actually is. This way to make your own baby wipes is just so simple you’ll be cracking up that you didn’t do it sooner.

A Simple Solution

Step 1

Purchase some ethical paper towels, my current favourite are from Who Gives a Crap.

Step 2

Use or purchase essential oils like Lavender and Lemon, or if you would like to get fancy a blend like Purify.

Step 3

Place a couple of tablespoons of water in a shallow baking dish or tray. Add a squirt of witch-hazel to help disperse the oils, then add a few drops of oils depending how strong you would like it and how young the babies are you will be using them on. For a newborn I would suggest water only without any oils would work perfectly well to begin with.

Step 4

Place paper wipes in a sealed silicon container like the one below – you may need to lightly squeeze out excess water. To evenly disperse the oils if you are using them, you can also use a spray bottle (recipe below).

As with many natural solutions, essential oils are powerful and concentrated chemical compounds so don’t use them without heavily diluting and always proceed with caution.

Begin with a very small amount (like one to three drops) mixed in with the soaking solution and see if that’s strong enough for you. Use pure and ethically sourced oils where possible (message me, comment below or head here to find out where to get them).


Another way to ensure even distribution is to use a spray to scent the wipes.

Spray Recipe

Take a small 125ml spray bottle (preferably dark glass) and add a splash of witch-hazel, or vodka will do the trick also. Follow that with up to 20 drops of essential oils then top with water.

You can either use a repurposed spray bottle or purchase one from a local aroma bottle supplier.

I use this spray all over the place.

  • as an air freshener
  • as fabric refresher on upholstery
  • in the car
  • on clothes needing a refresh from hanging in a closet, or light wear
  • on pillows at night *you can make a sleep blend especially.

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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