Organic Basics | Ethical Sportswear and Underwear

Organic Basics | Ethical Sportswear and Underwear

If you’re anything like me then you are fussy about the day-to-day essentials that you wear: especially when it comes to under-garments. I want something comfortable, ethical and beautiful against the skin. Not too much to ask, right? Tricky to find though.

In the search for the world’s best organic basics, there are many contenders. One that I have come across recently is  They are a Danish company retailing worldwide with a small and consciously created range.

With this brand, it turns out I got all that I wished for.

They sent me two items to try: the Silvertech Active Muscle Tank and the Hipster Brief “undies” as we call them here in Australia (or “pants” if you are UK-based).

My Review

I found them to be easy to wear, and the right fit. The tank top is thick, and high quality while the underpants show no panty line under clothing and are comfortable and breathable. A small tip – do follow the sizing advice when ordering. I did, and they worked out to be exactly right for what I was after – a loose top and a fitted bottom.

The other thing I will say is that the shipping was fast (pre-Covid), which was a nice surprise. This isn’t always the case when ordering from Australia.

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Although this is a #sponsoredpost no assurance was given to the brand that I would say nice things about them. All opinions are my own. Thanks to Organic Basics for providing me with samples of their range.

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