Soothing Nutritional Anti-Viral Throat Syrup

woman holds jar of homemade throat syrup

Thank you to Leia from Blissful Being for this recipe for this simple, nutritional, soothing throat syrup.

Great to use if you feel a throat tickle and jammed with nutritional benefits. I’ve also written about ways to help fight viruses in your home here.


1/2 Jar Honey (around 150gms in a 300gm jar)
1/2 Jar Raw Organic Coconut Oil (125gms)
2 Drops Oregano Essential oil
2 Wild Orange
5 Lemon
5 On Guard
3 Frankincense
3 Tea Tree
3 Lavender


  1. Half-fill (or half-empty) the jar of honey

2. Add essential oils, mixing them in thoroughly.

3. Spoon in the coconut oil and carefully combine.

If you would like to source pure and ethically grown and packaged essential oils, head here.

Note, in this video, I forgot to mix the honey and essential oils before adding the coconut oil (whoopsies).
It still worked, but it’s probably best to do it the way the recipe says!

alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist
alena turley | creator, educator, martial artist

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