The LionLife Academy

The LionLife Academy is a comprehensive pathway and monthly membership for mothers who are based in the home. It is ideally placed to serve women who are craving monthly support in the form of workshops, group coaching, transformative interactive sessions, community and real-time events.

If you feel the call to fulfil a bigger purpose but you’re not sure how to make that happen, the LionLife Academy is the perfect antidote. It combines the power of learning with the support and connection of others like us.

The Academy maps out a pathway from unsure, lost, unhealthy and isolated to holistically healthy, unashamedly yourself, ethical home-making, and a soulfully connected family PLUS the support of a soul-sister community.

This is a community 100% committed to supporting mothers to tune in to what really matters for them, and live it each and every day:
soulfully, ethically and boldly.

Created by Alena Turley, a Sydney based community founder, podcaster and Hapkido Instructor, the LionLife Academy helps mothers who feel lost find their way back to themselves and become better custodians of their bodies, their families and the environment.

The Academy simplifies ALL THE THINGS.

You gain access to transformative concepts and a supportive community so that you can be clear, intentional and deeply fulfilled in your parenting, your lifestyle choices, and your work.

The RESULT is the potential for lasting freedom from the pressures so often hidden amongst layers of socially conditioned expectations – especially those we impose on ourselves.

If you:

+ have a never-ending mental load that keeps your mind full
+ struggle to prioritise what really matters to you
+ feel lonely sometimes
+ doubt yourself
+ frustrated that you aren’t living more purposefully
+ hesitate or feel stuck, but can’t work out why
+ research solutions online but none create lasting change
+ would like to parent differently to how you were parented
+ seek a deeper connection with your children, friends and family
+ long for a community of like-minded, compassionate and generous women


What our members say

WE SUPPORT MOTHERS who yearn to find their way back to themselves reconnect so they can be bold custodians of their health, their family and the planet.

With our help you can BEGIN

+ putting being PRESENT ahead of doing all the things
+ clearing out the mental clutter
+ focusing on what’s important (to you)
+ moving yourself through and beyond what’s got you stuck
+ feeling less overwhelmed
+ backing yourself, feeling less doubtful and being authentically yourself
+ detoxing your home, your body and your thinking
+ modeling to your kids and others how to live ethically
+ parenting with soulful, loving practices (whilst still holding clear boundaries)
+ making new friends who ‘get it’ and feeling the power of support and collaboration

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The doors to the Academy open only twice a year.